Experience the Ahaspokuna Bush Accommodation

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Probably the most unusual bush accommodation in the world. Earn a free voucher worth 5,000/- for a 2nd-night stay! And the safest and secure location to spend your escape!

14,900/- per person per night

Located closer to Belihuloya and Kalthota in a private sanctuary in the middle of a 2260 acre protected forest.

Call: 070 222 8 222 for more information and reservations. Visit Ahaspokuna Bush Walks Camp

β€’ Lunch / Dinner / Breakfast & Tea / Coffee & Snacks
β€’ Includes 2 guided bush-walks (afternoon & morning)
β€’ Marshmallow roasting around the campfire for kids.
β€’ Free complimentary night walk/treasure hunt for kids
β€’ 50% off for kids (6 -12 years)
β€’ Voucher worth 5,000/- for a 2nd-night stay is redeemed.
β€’ Health & safety protocols adhered to.

Terms & conditions apply.

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